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CIP-able ingredient handling System with an innovative IBC system

Daxner's innovative concept meets highest requirements for a modern bakery ingredient mixing facility - high throughput, utmost dosing accuracy, reduced dust generation and cross contaminations, easy cleaning inclusive CIP-cleaning and ergonomic operation. This can be achieved by the pneumatic feeding of large components in combination with a fully automated container system for the collection of medium and small components.

Daxner has designed a flexible, automated blending and dosing system for the production of various ready-made bakery ingredient mixes, which consist of a very large number of different ingredients, such as sugar, various flours, starches, cooking fat etc.
Daxner developed an innovative system with due regard to easy cleaning, dust-free powder handling and prevention of cross contaminations, in order to exclude reciprocal contaminations.
A decisive criterion is the strict separation of components, which contain allergens, from those products, that are allergen-free.

Exhibitor: Daxner Germany GmbH

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